Welcome to Helsinki

A perfect combination of urban and outdoors, lively and laid-back!

What to see in Helsinki

Helsinki Cathedral

A distinctive landmark in Helsinki, known as the symbol of Helsinki, with a tall, green dome surrounded by four smaller domes. The building is in the neoclassical style, designed and built in around 1850.

Central Library

Everyone is allowed in the central lobrary to work, study, borrow books, create 3D prints, record mucis, cook food, hold meetings, and play games for free. Maybe that is the reason why Finland has one of the best education systems in the world.

Chapel of Silence

This small chapel with a typical wooden, Finnish architecture is a must-see in Finland. It provides a great soothing atmosphere for meditation and relaxing.

Rock church

Temppeliaukio is a church built in 1969 among solid rock, so that is the reason why it is called the rock church as well.

Design District

A gorgeous district in the city centre with historic buildings and high-quality Finnish and international brands; A great place for shopping fans!

Uspenskin Church

The largest orthodex cathedral in Nordic countries with magnificant interior art and architecture.

Löyly Sauna

Löyly sauna is a public sauna in the city center that provides private saunas as well. This is indeed the best place in Finland to experience the Finnish sauna culture.

Amos Rex

A modern art museum with perfect contemporary works done by the Finnish artists.

Porvoo village

The second oldest town in Finland with picturesque old wooden houses in red color alongside a river.


A huge fortress island, 15 minute ferry ride from Helsinki that has been registered in UNESCO as a world heritage. You can explore the remaining of the fortress, and in the meanwhile, enjoy the beaches and the wildlife.

Market Square

An open-air market by the port of Helsinki to find Finnish local food such as salmon soup, as well as Finnish handicrafts including the colorful knitten socks and gloves.

Art nouva buildings

Helsinki is home to more than 250 art nouva buildings that are recognizable by the statues and plaster works all over the buildings.