Our Services

The high satisfaction rate of our travellers proves the high qulaity of our travel services. we always provide our clients with the best possible services in each destination.


Sokos Original

We have contracts with the best possible hotels in each city, and we include them on the tours based on our clients’ budget and desired category. The hotels in Finland are in most cases in high standards and they are also available in many different spots.

Based on the tour nature, in some destinations we only offer lodges, cabins, and apartments (not hotels); however, this does not mean a lower quality as we always focus on the quality of accommodation facilities of any kind.

Wilderness Cabin

Lake Inari



We offer a wide range of different vehicles on our tours including cruise ships, ferries, flights, coaches, and trains. Moreover, we let the travellers use the public transportation as well to feel the local lifestyle!

We have made partnership with the best bus charter company in Finland to rent tour vehicles based on the group size: 

High quality vehicles

Our Staff


Our guide in Lapland

Our tour guides are in the front line of our services, therefore, we have chosen them carefully to ensure everything is in order on the tours. Our tour guides are knowledgable in Finland´s culture and history and are trained to provide fun moments for travellers.

Our drivers are other key strengths of our services as they are all fluent in navigation, able to drive at any weather condition, carefull drivers, and they all have high customer service. We ensure smooth road trips in clean and comfortable vehicles.


A professional driver



We care about Finland´s nature and culture, so we have made commitments in cooperation with Visit Finland office to offer sustainable travel service in order to be a help in preservation of the tourism resources in the country for everyone in the future.