Free walking tour in helsinki (Tip-based) - 2,5 hours

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"Tervetuloa Helsinkiin" or Welcome to Helsinki!

- Did you know that there are more saunas in Finland than the number of cars?
- Did you know the world's best selling phone ever was manufactured in Finland?

If the answer to the questions is No, then I highly recommend you to book this tour and get to know more about the Finnish culture, history, and lifestyle with me!

In this fun tour, we will visit the highlights of Helsinki such as:

  • The iconic Helsinki cathedral and senate square, where we'll discuss Finland's history briefly,
  • University of Helsinki, and what makes Finland's education the best one in the world?
  • Helsinki Central Library, where you can play ps5 or record a music!
  • Central Train Station
  • Amazing Aleksander street in the design district,
  • Esplanadi known as Helsinki's champs Elysee!
  • Market square, what is salmon soup? What are the tastiest Finnish pastry and foods

Besides visiting these monumets, we will discuss many topics about the Finnish culture and lifestyle!

I will also take to you to a Finnish public sauna to experience this unique Finnish invention! A Finn jumps into cold water after, what about you?!!

Wish to see you on my tour!

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